How Instagram inspired me my side project

I've been trying to understand how I could be interested in using Instagram for one year. And even if literally everybody is using instagram as the one and only true social media, I still didn't succeeded to find an interest in it in order to publish and communicate with my friends on their incredible daily life.


From a certain point of view, I also have this sensation that this social network is by far the best way to expose your fake life to people.

So I've been forcing myself to use it, in order to get the magic of it, and become an instagram user. And I've found a way to use instagram which finally helped me setup my new side project

As far as I'm nearly 30 years old, I've never been passionated by cars, maybe because I (still) don't have any driving licence. But still: each time I see a remarkable car (Ferrari ๐Ÿ˜) or a classic, I'm ALL THE TIME surprised and amazed as I'm pretty sure most of you are too. Instagram

So without knowing why, I've decided to go on instagram and follow accounts dedicated to cars. I've began with accounts related to the only one Land Rover Defender, my dreamed car : Defender Life Style, Land Rover Remix, Island Rover, Surf Side 4x4, Instajeepthing, Daily Overland and then I added some more diverse accounts : Classiccaraddict, Classic.porsches, Break Berline, Alpine Planet or The Ferrarist...


And little by little, I've discovered how great was the experience of checking some beautiful interesting content. I have to admit, Instagram made me realize how classic cars are beautiful with accounts like: aschots, Classic Car Voyage, 356 Mafia, Rodemory, ValveandPiston, United Gears, The Oldest Car and BeverlyHillsCarClub, SR Bychkov, Classic Car Ratings, Classic Cars Lovers, Car Vintage, Back To Classics, Classic Driver...


Also! As I'm more using twitter than instagram, I've been following a lot of different accounts related to classic cars: Lienhard Racing Fotografie, Fast & Ferocious, DriveHaard, Belles Italiennes, Rinoire, Ms Retro, Classic Car Curation, Bourdyot, Old School Muscle Cars, Car and Classic, Vivid Cloud of War, Alvis Car Company...


And then, I thought: well, with all these great cars on instagram, I should be able to find the perfect one for me? But I wasn't: because it's not only by looking at pictures on instagram that you will definitely find the greatest car you love.

So I began to think about a website where I could find any car ever produced on earth in order to compare different models, from different makes, in different countries and period of time. And this is how cames to life. I took me several weeks to come up with a first round of data, found on several websites with lists of cars, descriptions, production year...

And I've grouped all those information on a single website allowing now to select criterion in order to qualify which model of car will suit my needs in term of Classic Car Project I want to be involved in. So now on this website, there is around 2.800 models with minimum information: Description, production years, seats, category, average quotation, number produced...

And one of the most important element is the picture! And this is where social medias are definitely playing a great role: everycars is allowing users to repost their pictures from social medias on the website in order to showcase their art. And by doing so, users are directly creating a redirect link to their social media page ๐Ÿ˜Š

So here we are: we already have several users which have already asked to share their pictures on and create a backlink to their social media page. You can also do it, we are waiting for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

For example, this is a picture made by our bro from Cars Up : Capture dโ€™eฬcran 2019-08-31 aฬ€ 18.17.56.png

Which is now displayed on everycars ๐Ÿคฉwith a redirect link on his social media profile!

Capture dโ€™eฬcran 2019-08-31 aฬ€ 18.22.18.png

So, if you want to share your pictures on everycars, you just need to:

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