How is my everycars project going on?

How is my everycars project going on?

Summer's ringing : it's time for a checkpoint on my project


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As summer is coming back with this lovely month of July, I’m projecting myself into holidays which is giving me the occasion to do a checkpoint on my project everycars. You probably know that everycars is my side project dedicated to creating some great accessible digital solutions for classic car passionate around the world.

I’m working part time on that project because I have a 9-5 job at IBM. So, on the side, several times a week, I’m diving into my project hoping to deploy a great value to potential users and probably earn a living out of that great project.

Everycars is born a couple of years ago while wondering how I could start to work on a classic car renovation project. I was clearly a newbie at that time: I had still not passed my driving license at age 30.

Today this project is developed in several branches, all dedicated to giving easy access to information on classic car renovations: : which is a platform, where you register for free, and get access to your digital garage. You can post all your project cars and document each step of your renovation process. You can also visit other members' garages and inspire by their build: what tools they used, where they bought their parts… : which is simply a database of a loooot of cars produced from 1900 to 2000. This website's goal is to help you find all information needed to know what car will suit you as a project considering prices, quotation evolutions, renovation tutorials, color paint codes… Through this project, I’m learning every day some new things on a lot of cars, and my goal is to fuel my other projects with the traffic generated on that main website. : This is a simple list of renovation tutorials for classic cars. You type a make and a model, and you will find every tutorial curated for your renovation. On this website, visitors can also add their videos to develop their audience.

All these projects are free of charge for everyone, I’m taking care of all the costs related to this project as my first goal is really to give access to quality information and create great connections between people.

I have 3 main pains on this project:

  1. I’m looking for traction. To be fully transparent with you, I’m struggling to get visitors to my websites. I feel hard to find a place in the overall community of projects related to classic cars. My communication channels are Reddit, twitter, some emails and some SEO strategies. Today I’m concerned about not knowing if I’m doing wrong on these communication tools, or if I have a technical problem that makes my website nearly invisible from google.

  2. I’m looking for great quality information. I’m browsing tons of content every week to find the most accurate data to add to my websites, but there is so much work to be done! When I look at these thousands of cars that need the information to be filled with pictures, production figures, paint codes, classic cars renovation tutorial, quotes, prices… This is a lot of work, and I don’t know how to get some help on that.

  3. I’m looking for revenue. There are so many ways to generate revenues on this project, even without locking information or asking for payment for not needed solutions. As of today, I’ve created an advertisement model where professionals from the classic car world can buy some quality ads on my websites. I’m looking for mechanics, body painters, parts sellers, and car sellers which would love to advertise their business on my website for a cheap price. But I don’t know if this could be a great value proposition for these professionals.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-05 à 13.14.59.png

I love that project and the classic car world I’m discovering. I truly want to add value to what exists today. I’m always listening people around me saying that “This classic car world is full of old rich guys”, but I’m convinced not. I’m also very convinced that this classic car world is evolving with new people, that are needing information, needing connections, needing to find the right advice.

My next step is to focus on adding more information on my classic car database: find some more great content that will truly help people select the right classic car for a renovation. This will help me gain some traction from visitors on Google. I hope it will work!

If you have any feedback, ideas, recommendations, or just want to say 'Hi': do not hesitate, this will help me stay consistent on that project.