I've published a list of classic car renovation tutorials on reddit and it went viral

I've published a list of classic car renovation tutorials on reddit and it went viral


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I would like to share with you the results of my classic car renovation tutorial list that I've posted on reddit on Monday 21 February where I've been greeted with 647 upvotes.

First of all, thank you so much for this support, I've tried to be a helpful member of the r/projectcar sub for a long time, and this post has been my best contribution by now and by far.

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Some figures from 02/21/2022 to 02/23/2022:

👥 943 people have visited my list

📈 3313 pages have been viewed of which 2859 on the list alone

🚘 410 different cars from 68 makes have been searched

📽 On all these searches : only 124 models have content, 286 models have not yet

🖥 639 videos have been seen on the 763 : 124 are about models not searched yet

🗃 I had 763 tutorials prior to launch, and now 811 (48 contents added by you)

I consider these figures as a great beginning.

Ten most searched cars are:

🥇 FORD Mustang (53 views)

🥈 MAZDA Miata (37 views)

🥉 DATSUN 240Z (28 views)

🏅 CHEVROLET Camaro (25 views)

🎖 CHEVROLET Corvette (20 views)

⭐️ HONDA Civic (15 views)

⭐️ FORD Thunderbird (13 views)

⭐️ CHEVROLET C10 (12 views)

⭐️ PONTIAC Firebird (12 views)

⭐️ PONTIAC GTO (10 views)

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People have visited this list from:

🇺🇸 USA (64%)

🇨🇦 Canada (7%)

🇬🇧 UK (6%)

🇦🇺 Australia (5%)

🇩🇪 Germany (2%)

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My next steps/ideas are:

  • Adding more tutorials : reaching 5000 videos could be great,

  • Diversify sources : not only youtube but also websites, articles, forums,

  • Propose a dropdown menu for models instead of a search input : it will help find the right spelling,

  • Display a preview of the content : picture or screenshot,

  • Setup and automatic email for me when someone add a new video to validate,

  • Engage more with people who subscribed to my newsletter,

  • And so what?

I'm looking for great ways to make this list visible out of Reddit : having 900 visitors from r/projectcar is great, but finding other ways to communicate this list to people in need is another challenge. Also, I assume some people who upvoted or visited my list on 21Feb can't find it back as they didn't bookmarked it : so how to stay visible on reddit without spamming subs?

Let's take more time to build something VERY valuable for visitors before thinking about money.

This list is free to use and I don't have created any revenue model by now. I only received a great donation from a reddit visitor : that was a true reward, I've felt very grateful.

I assume running adverts could be a great way to earn a living from this website, but I find adverts most of the time poor in term of value for visitors, and I don't like the way they track people over the internet using cookies. If I go with adverts it will be adverts found by myself, from trusted companies in the classic car industry, and very interesting for visitors. Out of adverts, this list must also be a way to redirect to my other projects : this would be a better reward than monetizing adverts.

I'm involved in the classic car world for a little more than 2 years, and I give myself another 18 months in order to earn a living out of my digital activities before living my actual 9-5 job. I'm convinced we need more digital in classic cars : easy, helpful, and valuable digital products in order to help dive into the classic car world, renovate a car, or simply share experiences.

I hope to post some more great contents in the coming weeks for you,

Again a huge thank you for your support,

Clic on the below picture to discover my list of classic car renovation tutorials renovate_cover.png