#StayHome and preserve your business

#StayHome and preserve your business


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Hi there,

Living these uncertainty times for a couple of weeks and continuying for other weeks to come, I wanted to let you know the measures I have taken with everycars.co to support the classic car business community.

This side project around classic cars is going well, the build phase is on, quietly. For the record, my value proposal begins to be quite concrete :

  • everycars.co is a community dedicated to people involved in classic cars renovation : allowing you to share best practices to renovate your car as a highly skilled or totally newbie boy.
  • search.everycars.co is a database of every classic cars produced on earth : allowing you to select the project model you want to work on.
  • jobs.everycars.co is a French job board for classic cars : allowing you to post your "help needed" and get a work proposal from the right professional.

I'm working on everycars for almost 18 months : time is running so fast! During these times, I've met so many different people with different ideas in mind, different businesses, different goals and objectives. All these people met, helped me structure my project : we have shared many views on the classic car industry and how to support that industry.

The general goal is to refresh that industry by providing digital tools : these tools must help people better understand this classic car universe in order to be part of it.

๐Ÿ‘†I think this previous sentence resonate as the true goal of my side project ๐Ÿคฉ

Anyway, one of the biggest question people are asking me on this side project is about revenue generated :

"Ok dude, your website is great, but why do you do this? I don't get how you will earn money with it?"


And my answer is obviously very enthusiastic :

"There are multiple ways to monetize this side project!"

And so I began to work on a first level of monetization : adverts. It seems adverts are the most common way to monetize a website, so I began to integrate this on search.everycars.co . I choose this website because he has around 3.000+ pages, so it's creating a lot of different places to post an ad.

I created a simple table in my database in order to welcome these ads with very little information :

  • a company name
  • a logo
  • a small description
  • a link to website Then I created two ad blocks to display on my website and a script to randomize the content of the ads displayed while loading the page. I'm also using intravert.co in order to have a subscription platform for these ads: this is where you order your ads prior to be displayed on my website: quite a good service!

And I realized,





I'm on my way to ask people to advertise on my website, and asking them to pay for ads on my website : I find this approach terribly silly while considering the time we are living with the coronavirus.

So I went to a simple analysis on the actual context : How are all the small businesses I've discussed with gonna react to this crisis ? And the answer is quite concrete : all these businesses could die because of lack of activity due to containment. As people are staying at home, I assume all the subjects related to renovating a classic car will be going down into priorities. And then I thought back about all the enterprises needing these clients to survive.

I thought about all the time, effort, sacrifices people have been doing to starting their business related to classic cars.

So what can I do for that?

I don't know, probably not much, but still : if I can do something it's probably NOT asking money for adverts!

So I decided to offer my ads for free on my website for the next 3-months to come. There is not any engagement to that: you just order 1 to 3 months, and you get featured on my website. period.

So how to do?

Simply DM me on twitter or send me an email:

  • With your email
  • And URL, text, logo

And then I will feature your business on my website!

Capture dโ€™eฬcran 2020-03-29 aฬ€ 16.58.59.png Your ad will look like this on my website ๐Ÿ‘†

I'm also planning to share all your ads on my twitter and my instagram weekly!

I'm really hoping these ads will help you maintain your business activity by providing you some piece of work for the next months to come.

My wish here is definitely to HELP if you need a hand maintaining your business up and running while corona virus is spreading globally.

This offering is valable for any business related to classic cars, anywhere on earth.

I trully hope this offer will help your business, And if I can do anything else to help, do not hesitate to drop me a line by email welcome@everycars.co or on twitter @everycarsdotco

All the best from France, Piem